I deeply connect with non-traditional weddings.


Because non-traditional weddings are all about the couple.

With large/traditional weddings, most decisions are made with the guest in mind. The timeline is based around the comfort of the guests, and the couple barely spends any time together. The day is filled with things they "have to do", instead of things they want to do.

Intimate weddings & elopements are intentional. You can celebrate privately or with a small group of your favourite people. There is less pressure to have a "perfect" wedding, and you can put more energy & money into things you truly value vs things your guests value.

The traditional wedding system is broken, and I want to change it.

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this is me.

ok, time to get real. I hate floofy fake shit. I hate cheesy. I hate perfectly posed photos that show zero personality. I want you to look at my photos and get a sense of who that person is.

I don't care about props, or decor, or how well that person dresses. I care that people are accurately represented in the photo I take of them. I want to show their soul.

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bride and groom on a motorbike in vietnam

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