Backyard Elopement with Their Kids & Two Dogs January 6, 2021 / Wedding If you want to get married, but you are avoiding wedding planning because it makes you feel anxious, then this elopement inspiration is for you.       Nicole & Garrett knew they didn’t want a big fancy wedding. The thought of being in front of a hundred people all day long was intimidating. It […] OPEN POST 10 Ways to Plan a Nontraditional Wedding That’s All About You! January 31, 2020 / Wedding You probably think there are two options when it comes to getting married—being traditional or having an elopement. But the fact is…you can do whatever you want. If you want a nontraditional wedding that focuses on YOU, then keep reading!     I can tell you a wedding schedule like the back of my hand—want […] OPEN POST Kelly & Michael’s Belcroft Estates Wedding November 11, 2019 / Wedding Kelly & Michael’s Belcroft Estates Wedding was as romantic as it was fun and care-free!   When Kelly first reached out to me regarding wedding photography, she told me unposed moments were important to her. She mentioned that they were super chill people, and wanted photos that reflected that. Kelly & Michael were so fun […] OPEN POST Josh & Sarah’s Adventure Elopement in Vietnam July 4, 2019 / Travel In March I traveled to Vietnam to capture Josh & Sarah’s elopement. We spent 5 days adventuring around northern Vietnam and going to the most epic locations.   This was my first time in Asia, and it was an experience of a lifetime! I brought my boyfriend Tyler along to adventure with me, and it […] OPEN POST Reed & Wade’s Wedding in Mexico May 29, 2019 / Wedding Reed & Wade’s destination wedding at The Fives Azul in the Riviera Maya is going to be a hard wedding to top. Not only was the food the best I have ever had on a resort, but the people I was surrounded by during those 5 days were so much fun.   This was my […] OPEN POST CARLY & JAMIE January 8, 2019 / Uncategorized   When Carly & Jamie booked their wedding date, they had no idea it was on Thanksgiving. But there really isn’t a better way to spend Thanksgiving, than having everyone you love in the same room to celebrate.   The day was calling for lots of rain, but thankfully enough, it only rained in the […] OPEN POST Ashley & JC Elope in Banff October 10, 2018 / Wedding My ultimate goal as a photographer was to capture a wedding in Banff, Alberta. I did not realize that this goal was going to become actualized as soon as it did.   In February, I got a text message asking for my elopement packages because Ashley and her fiancé were looking to elope in Banff. […] OPEN POST Natalie & Dominik’s Unique Wedding in Jamaica October 2, 2018 / Wedding When I met Natalie & Dominik for the first time, we were meeting in Starbucks to talk about their upcoming wedding. They were to get married in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and were looking for a photographer that fit their vision and style. As soon as we sat down and started discussing the vibes of their […] OPEN POST ENGAGEMENT PACKAGES September 25, 2018 / Wedding This is the session where we can get a little crazy! We get to do things that we likely won’t be able to do when you are in your wedding dress (i.e. piggy backs…or running through a fountain… you get the picture.   Location choices are limitless! Your wedding photos are likely to take place […] OPEN POST WEDDING PACKAGES September 25, 2018 / Wedding Your wedding day is a big deal. Hiring the right people is a big deal. Not only should you find the right people to fit your vision, but you should find the people that you are comfortable with and that value you and your dream.   The process starts with us meeting and getting to […] OPEN POST