Natalie & Dominik’s Unique Wedding in Jamaica

October 2, 2018

When I met Natalie & Dominik for the first time, we were meeting in Starbucks to talk about their upcoming wedding. They were to get married in Montego Bay, Jamaica, and were looking for a photographer that fit their vision and style. As soon as we sat down and started discussing the vibes of their wedding, I knew 100% that we were going to be perfect for each other. They wanted natural, emotion-filled images, and that’s exactly what I offer!


Fast forward to their wedding. Meeting them at the airport and getting ready to board the plane was so exciting! Natalie & Dominik were beaming, and their excitement and anticipation only became stronger the day of the wedding.

The weather was perfect, it was warm and overcast. Photographing both Dom and Natalie getting ready was awesome—they literally could not wait to see each other. When Natalie walked down the aisle, Dom could not contain his emotions. He warned me that he was going to cry, and he definitely did. Natalie was beautiful walking down that aisle, and I’m fairly certain Dom was not the only one emotional.

We had intimate moments during their portraits, and we had laughs. I made them run along the beach, and into the sunset. The wind blew her Hayley Paige gown perfectly, and once the sun went down, we headed to the reception area for their entrance. The reception was WILD. Natalie and Dominik got up and sang with the band…the groom and brides brother killed the Gangnam Style dance…shirts were unbuttoned…people jumped in the pool…it was literally crazy!

Overall, this wedding was one for the books. I love destination weddings because not only do I get to spend so much time with the bride and groom, but I also get to spend so much time with their family and friends. I was truly sad to say goodbye to everyone as we went our separate ways, and I will cherish the time spent, and the new friends made.

– Christina Stirpe [Owner]