Backyard Elopement with Their Kids & Two Dogs

January 6, 2021

If you want to get married, but you are avoiding wedding planning because it makes you feel anxious, then this elopement inspiration is for you.  



Nicole & Garrett knew they didn’t want a big fancy wedding. The thought of being in front of a hundred people all day long was intimidating. It made them not want to start planning at all. 

Nicole & Garrett knew they were going to be disappointing people by having an elopement, but in the end it was their happiness that mattered most. 

Their Elopement:


Within 6 weeks, they planned their perfect backyard elopement. The only people who were there to witness were myself, a guitarist, their two children, their two dogs, and the officiant. It was romantic, intimate, and perfect. 

They got married by a river at the back of Nicole’s parents property. The trickling water was the perfect background sound for their ceremony. The guitarist was a special touch: he played while Nicole walked down the aisle & while they signed the papers. 

They were greeted by their two kids and their two dogs after they had their first kiss as husband and wife.  

We walked some trails and eventually went to Nicole’s favourite tree on the property.

With their two dogs watching, Nicole and Garrett cut their cake and shared their first dance together.  


When I asked Nicole why she wanted to elope, she wrote: “I loved that I got to spend time with my favourite person & our attention was on each other the entire evening and night” 


A big ceremony was not something they wanted—they agreed that they wouldn’t be able to fully enjoy their ceremony with so many people watching. It would take away from their moment. 

Nicole mentions that they decided to elope because it was significantly cheaper, yet eloping still had everything they wanted.  

Although the fear of disappointing their family and friends almost stopped them from eloping, they are glad they listened to their gut!  


Just think—they wouldn’t be married yet if they were still trying to plan a big wedding! 


Congratulations to Nicole & Garrett!



– Christina Stirpe [Owner]






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Photographer: Christina Stirpe

Dress: Reformation

Hat: Anupaya

Location: Alliston, Ontario, Canada