Hillary & James Cozy Cabin Engagement Session

April 1, 2019

Just a few months prior, in this exact location, James had proposed to Hillary. The family cabin is where they love to spend time together…so when they told me that was where they wanted to do their engagement session, I was ecstatic! I love a good cozy-winter session.


Firstly, we had to get to the cabin by four-wheeler—and if you know me, that’s the best way to start a shoot! We arrived at the cabin, there was a bon fire started, and the inside was decked out in string lights.

Just like every couple before a session, James and Hillary told me they were going to be “awkward”….the only awkward thing about this session was me drooling over how attractive they both are! If I told you they were models, you would probably believe me. As you can see, they ROCKED it.

Like any good in-home (or should I say, in-cabin) session, I made them wrestle, have a pillow fight, get all hot and steamy, and just have fun with each other.

This was my first time meeting them, and I can honestly say it felt like I have known them forever. We were joking around the whole time, making fun of the “blooper” shots, and truly enjoying each others company.

I am so excited to share this cozy session with everyone, and hopefully it gives you some winter session inspiration!


– Christina Stirpe [Owner]