Shane & Shauna Elope in Africa

May 3, 2023

Shane & Shauna’s wedding story starts when they reached out to me in July of 2020. They were planning a wedding to take place in Mexico in April of 2021. The months leading up to the wedding were uncertain because we were experiencing another wave of COVID. The vaccines weren’t available for everyone yet, so travel became risky. Three months before their wedding, they decided to cancel their plans.


A few months had gone by, and we were emailing each other back and forth trying to figure out a new plan for their wedding. They wanted to get married, and they also wanted epic photos like they would have got in Mexico.

In April of 2021, Shane & Shauna messaged me and decided that they wanted to have a local intimate wedding with their family and friends, and later in the year, they wanted to go on an adventurous trip and have the epic elopement experience that they desired. The best of both worlds 😉

So on June 24th, 2021, Shane & Shauna got married in Tobermory, Canada. They rented an Airbnb on the water, and celebrated with their family and friends. It was a beautiful summer day, and it was a perfect intimate event.





Fast forward to December 2021. We all hopped on a plane and were headed to AFRICA!

Shane & Shauna were spending their first few days in Kenya on a Masai Mara Safari. Tyler and I were supposed to be in South Africa at this time doing our own thing, but *omicron* had other plans, so we quickly cancelled and changed our flights to be in Kenya longer (which was a blessing! We loved Kenya!). While Shane & Shauna enjoyed their safari, Tyler and I went to Hell’s Gate National Park, and explored Nairobi.

When Shane & Shauna got back from their safari, we went to one of Nairobi’s national forests: Karura Forest.






After 5 days in beautiful Kenya, we were off on our next adventure….Mauritius!

Mauritius is an island in the Indian Ocean, off of the east coast of Africa. The island is small and mountainous, and known for it’s beautiful beaches and lagoons. Aka, an amazing place to relax AND have epic elopement photos 😉

We all stayed at Sands and Suites Resort for a few days, which is located in Flic-en-Flac.

As the sun started to set on our first evening in Mauritius, Shane & Shauna put on their wedding attire, and we enjoyed the orange sky. We ended up taking photos long after the sun went down….the scenery was so romantic and calming. I love the various colours that this scenic location gave us.




Lakaz Chamerel Mountain Lodge


Shane & Shauna later checked into Lakaz Chamerel Mountain Lodge. This stunning resort was located high in the mountains, and you were completely surrounded by rain forest. The views were epic!

I went to their room, and we took photos in their private pool and outdoor shower. This room was the perfect honeymoon suite! It was luxurious, private, and picturesque. The whole resort was top notch!

As the sun was setting, we popped champagne and I tried to capture every moment of this special time for them. I wanted to document this so they could look back in 5 years and remember these moments perfectly.



Pont Naturel

On our last day together, we went to Pont Naturel. This coastal location is a great spot to catch the sunset and watch the sea waves crash against the rocks. This particular day was windy, so we may have gotten sprayed with the ocean once or twice!

This elopement session was everything I could have dreamed of. Beautiful golden light, bright blue water, and a couple who were willing to be adventurous!

We spent an hour or two here. We wandered around while I took photos of them taking in the beauty Mauritius has to offer.

This evening was filled with moments I will never forget. I paused and took a moment to realize how lucky I am. This couple flew me across the world to Africa to capture their elopement session and honeymoon. I couldn’t be more grateful!





What a wild adventure. I can’t even express how thankful I am to have been on this elopement and honeymoon journey with my couple. Shane & Shauna rolled with the punches, and they ended up having a wedding they could never have dreamed possible.

I can now check a few boxes off the good ol’ bucket list because of them. I cannot wait to see where this beautiful career takes me 🙂


Nairobi Hotel: Ole Sereni Nairobi

Mauritius Lodge: Lakaz Chamarel

Mauritius Resort: Sands Suites Resort & Spa 




– Christina Stirpe [Owner]