Newfoundland Engagement at the Coastal Cliff House

May 17, 2023
Travelling for your engagement photos can always be a fun and exciting idea! Especially if it is to a location that is special. For Felicia & Erik, Newfoundland was the special location that they wanted their engagement session to be.


If you don’t know already, my partner & I bought a vacation home in Newfoundland. When we aren’t there, we open it up to others to enjoy & create memories. The Coastal Cliff House is surrounded by untouched beauty, and it was the perfect backdrop for Felicia & Erik’s engagement session.


Felicia & Erik ran the idea by me: “can we do our engagement photos at the Coastal Cliff House, and then stay for a few nights?”. Umm heck yes! So we booked our tickets, and a few months later we were meeting in Newfoundland to do their session 🙂


It was so special for me to photograph them in a meaningful space to me, but it was even more special because I know Newfoundland is special to them. Felicia’s grandparents lives fairly close to the house, so while Felicia & Erik were vacationing at the house, her grandparents came over to stay as well.


If you are thinking about going somewhere with rugged oceanfront landscape–you have to check out the Coastal Cliff House.


(psst…my couples get a special rate when they book a vacation at the Coastal Cliff House!)


Location: Coastal Cliff House

IG: @coastalcliffhouse

Airbnb: Oceanfront A-Frame


– Christina Stirpe [Owner]