Erika and Geoff’s Muskoka Engagement Session

May 12, 2020

I loved Erika and Geoff’s Muskoka lakeside engagement session!


Not only because they both are down-to-earth & sweet people, who very much love each other, but also because this location has so much variety; forest, river and beach!

I met Erika over Facebook when she was looking for a wedding photographer. They were such a great fit with me because they are so relaxed, fun, and not afraid to get a little dirty. Plus their wedding vision sounded amazing and got me so excited!

We started their engagement session with a romantic stroll through the woods, where there was dappled sun and a light dusting of leaves on the ground. It was a sunny fall evening that started out warm, and eventually got cooler as the sun went down. We had a lot a fun with this session; they let me get creative and allowed me the freedom to experiment. Cue barefoot embraces in the river, walking together along logs, and splashing along the shoreline of the beach. The setting sun was soft and glowy–perfect for a September evening (the water wasn’t too cold yet either!)

My favourite moment was when Erika and Geoff were rolling around in the sand together near the end of the session. They were comfortable and relaxed, that they trusted every idea that I had. Maybe I should ask my clients to roll in the sand more often?! Just kidding…but really.

It was a complete honour to capture their Muskoka engagement session and I can’t wait for their wedding day to arrive so we can do it all again!


Christina Stirpe [Owner]





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